Tracey Lennon

Tracey Lennon2019-04-09T11:42:34+00:00

Location: Yass NSW 2582


  • 12 years experience
  • Hold a first aid certificate
  • Hold a diploma in Children’s Services


  • I like to think I’m a happy, friendly person that can get along with all people
  • I live on a small property which I find is a great environment for children to spend time in.
  • When not working I travel around the country side with my two daughters taking them to showjumping events
  • I love children’s honesty & their ability to see the beauty that surrounds them, something that we as adults with our busy lives often miss.
  • I love those light bulb moments that children have when they realise for the first time that they can do something.
  • In general I just love hanging out with kids.
  • My favourite colour is purple which all of my kids know
  • I love all types of music except for country music, think that comes from the fact that my mum only ever listens to country music

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