Please see below all of our policy documents:

  1. Outside School Hours Care Policies
  2. Family Day Care Policies

Family Day Care Service & Outside of School Hours Care Programs

Our Family Day Care Service and Outside of School Hours Care Programs are Approved Services within the National Quality Framework.  To view our policies please click on the links below.

CKC Philosophy

FDC Philosophy

Required Policies

Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisation
Administration of First Aid
Administration of Medication
Assessment and Reassessment of FDC Residences and Venues
Child Authorisations Table
Child Protection
Child-Safe Environment
Dealing with Complaints
Dealing With Infectious Diseases
Dealing With Medical Conditions
Delivery and Collection of Children
Enrolment and Orientation
Emergency Evacuation
 Fee Payment Policy
Governance and Management
Hand Washing
Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness
Interactions with Children
Keeping a Register of FDC Educators, Co-ordinators and Assistants
Monitoring, Support and Supervision of Family Day Care Educators, including those in remote locations
Nappy Change, Bathing and Toileting
Nutrition and Safe Food Handling
Registration and Assessment of FDC Educators and Educator Assistants and Persons Residing at Family Day Care Residences
Regular Outing and Excursion
Refusal of Authorisation
Responsible Person 
Safe Arrival of Children
Safe Transportation of Children
Sleep and Rest
Staff Code of Conduct
Sun Smart
Visitors to FDC Residences & Venues while Education and Care is being provided to children
Volunteers and Students
Water Safety

Emergency Planning and Reporting Policies

Emergency Evacuation and Lockdown
Emergency and Critical Incident Post Reporting
Bush Fire Planning

General Policies

Continual Monitoring and Improvement
COVID 19 Safety Plan
Dangerous Products
Ending Care
Ethical Conduct
Environmental Sustainability
Exceptional Circumstances
Fraud Prevention
Grief and Loss
Inclusion and Diversity
Management of Animals
Parent Code of Conduct
Parent Involvement
Privacy and Confidentiality
Relatives in Care
Sexual Harassment Prevention
Socialisation and Positive Behaviour Guidance
Sole Educator
Television and Other Media
Tobacco, Drug and Alcohol Free Environment
Training & Professional Development
Work Health and Safety
Work Place Harassment and Bullying Prevention
Use of Vehicle

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